2019 Spring Break Saturday Dinner


Our Western themed banquet will be served buffet style.  

Offerings will include:

+ Salad/Appetizers

+ A variety of vegetables and side dishes

+ Dark meat, white meat, and vegetarian entree options

+ Desserts

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Every year since 1984, America’s 5th largest city, Phoenix, Arizona, is host to our state’s only LGBTQ+ Alcoholics Anonymous Conference with Al-Anon participation. People from all over the United States & various parts of the world have attended our annual conference. We look forward to meeting new friends every year.

The spirit of our conference and activities are run in accordance with the 12 steps, the 12 traditions, and the 12 concepts of A.A. On a monthly basis, AZ Spring Break holds exciting fundraising events designed to bring fun and fellowship to the newcomer and to raise money in accordance with the 7th tradition.