Our Tagline This Year

At first not all were welcome.  Some of us might have found ourselves in the categories listed below and potentially excluded.  


“We were resolved to admit nobody to A.A. but that hypothetical class of people we termed ‘pure alcoholics.’ Except for their guzzling, and the unfortunate results thereof, they could have no other complications. So beggars, tramps, asylum inmates, prisoners, queers, plain crackpots, and fallen women were definitely out. Yes sir, we’d cater only to pure and respectable alcoholics! Any others would surely destroy us. Besides, if we took in those odd ones, what would decent people say about us? We built a fine-mesh fence right around A.A.”


But thankfully the original members developed the third tradition, which states ”the only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking.”  “So you’re an AA member the minute you declare yourself.”


That spirit of openness is the heart of this year’s conference.  


Quotes from Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, Tradition 3.  AA World Services, Inc

A Look at Spring Break Across the Decades

With a rich history spanning over thirty years, Arizona’s only LGBTQ Alcoholics Anonymous conference continues strong.

Enjoy a look at banners from the past 30+ years and explore a new random order each time you visit this page.